Advanced registration is recommended, but not required for all Middle School and Elementary Division USGO National Qualifying Exam sites, which are held in conjunction with US Academic Bee and Bowl Regional tournaments. Same-day registration is okay, provided you arrive by the time indicated on the tournament websites. A list of these NQE sites is found here (this will be updated continuously throughout the 2017-2018 school year).

Registration for Middle School and Elementary Division Exams at USABB tournament sites is not done on this website, but solely on the US Academic Bee and Bowl website’s registration page here.

Please note that for all USABB Exam sites, we do not accept payments by check in advance. The Middle School or Elementary Division National Qualifying Exam costs $10 for all students in 2017-2018 who take it at an official USABB tournament site. Please just pay at the tournament site by cash or check made payable to “United States Geography Olympiad”. If you need to adjust your registration at any time, just fill out the form again. Also, please be aware of our policy regarding late payments and late fees which can be found here. Participating in the USGO implies an understanding and acceptance of this policy.

The exam is also offered free of charge to students competing in the National History Bee’s Regional Finals for the Middle School and Elementary Divisions – click on the link for a list of these tournament dates and sites. No prior registration is required (or even possible) for these – students just sign up on site.

Please note! If you wish to take the National Qualifying Exam at your school or with a homeschool instructor proctoring it, do NOT fill out the form on the USABB website, but instead follow the following instructions (note that this option costs $20 per Exam Version):

With a Teacher or Homeschool Proctor – If you are unable to make it to a site or wish to have a second chance at qualifying, a teacher at your school or an instructor who advises homeschoolers can separately administer the National Qualifying Exam for you. In this case, the National Qualifying Exam costs $20, and here are the steps you need to follow:

A. Send a check for $20 per Exam version per student made out to “US Geography Olympiad” to the following address.

USGO c/o Enrico Contolini
14073 W. Amherst Court
Lakewood, CO 80228

B. Along with the check, include a piece of paper with the student’s name and school (or indicate they are homeschooled), their birthdate and grade (to determine their division), a contact email for the student or their parent(s), and the name and email of the proctor. If you have multiple students who wish to take the Exam, please supply this information for each student.
Please also indicate which Exam Version(s) is/are requested – note that A, B, and C are Varsity and JV Division Exams and are open to all students. D and E are Middle School and Elementary Division Exams and are only open to students in those divisions (and thus cannot qualify students for the Varsity or JV National Championships).
Once we receive the check, we will forward the proctor the requested Exam Version(s) and the answer key(s).

C. The proctor will then report the score for each Exam Version to us, and if it falls above the National Median Score for the division the student is in on the version of the Exam they take, then they will qualify for Nationals, and we will let you know that by the end of February (for Varsity and Junior Varsity Division students) or March (for Middle School and Elementary Division students) once the initial qualifying period is over.

D. If the student does not qualify on the Exam Version they took, then they can take the other Exam Versions they are eligible to take that they haven’t yet taken. The process would work the same way.


Please note that only primary or secondary school students born between June 30, 1999 and June 30, 2002 are eligible to take the 2017-2018 Varsity Division National Qualifying Exam, but all primary or secondary students born on July 1, 2002 or later are eligible to take the Junior Varsity Division National Qualifying Exam. If younger students qualify in the Junior Varsity Division, but would also be eligible to compete in the Middle School or Elementary Division, then they can attend both the Junior Varsity National Championships and either the Middle School or Elementary Division National Championships, depending on their grade or age.