• Welcome to the US Geography Olympiad!

    The US Geography Olympiad is the official qualifying competition for US students for the International Geography Olympiad. (aka iGEO).

    The United States Geography Olympiad was founded in the summer of 2012 as a new, nationwide competition to test the geography skills of American students and to help foster geography education throughout the United States. The competition aims to reward students who have devoted themselves to studying their world, and its countries and peoples, as a thorough knowledge of geography is essential to being an educated citizen today.

    Aside from fostering an appreciation of knowledge of our world, the United States Geography Olympiad is also the official qualifying competition for the International Geography Olympiad, and by competing in it, students in the Varsity Division (i.e. born before July 1, 1998) will have a chance to become members of the American team to attend the iGEO. The 2014 iGEO will be held from August 13-18 in Krakow, Poland; the members of Team USA will be selected at the National Championships of the United States Geography Olympiad on Friday, April 25, 2014 in Arlington, VA. Read more about us...

Qualifying Exam Locations
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The above map shows a listing of all sites where the USGC Qualifying Exam is administered. Without exception, all dots correspond to a Regional or State tournament for The National History Bee and Bowl. The Exam is always given during the lunch break of the tournaments; click on a dot to see when you must arrive if you are not also competing in the History Bee and/or Bowl. Also, note that you may take the Exam up to 3 times, as long as it is a different version. A different version will be administered at tournaments listed as "A Set", "B Set", and "C Set" - click on a tournament to see what Set will be used there.

News & Announcements

The United States Geography Olympiad is looking forward to its second National Championships on Friday, April 25 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA. We have decided to extend the registration deadline one final time until Tuesday, April 15, at 11:59pm EDT. Thereafter, no further registrations will be accepted.  [ Read More ]

We’re less than a month away from the US Geography Olympiad’s second annual National Championships on Friday, April 25! We have now posted the files containing all National Championships qualifiers arranged by school (so you can easily check and see who qualified) and who qualified off of each version of  [ Read More ]

USGO has extended its National Championships (to be held on Friday, April 25) registration deadline to Monday, April 7 at 11:59 EDT. Please be sure to register by this time! We reserve the right to grant further extensions, but students should not assume this, and should take all necessary steps  [ Read More ]

The official national median scores on the National Qualifying Exam for the 2013-2014 United States Geography Olympiad have been computed! They are as follows: A Set Open: 36.5 (2 people took exam, high score was 49 from Dr. Neil Boland of South Fork High School, Stuart, FL at Florida State  [ Read More ]

On December 14, the US Geography Olympiad debuted the B Set version of the National Qualifying Exam for the 2013-2014 competition year. This took place at the Northern Illinois site (St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights) where Anton Karpovich, the defending varsity national champion, kicked off B Set in  [ Read More ]

So far this year, our C Set version of the National Qualifying Exam has proven somewhat more difficult than last year’s.  However, that didn’t stand in the way of three Massachusetts students posting the three highest scores so far this school year at our November 16 test site at Pioneer  [ Read More ]

The US Geography Olympiad is now open to everyone, including parents, teachers, coaches, college students, and anyone else! Here’s how this will work: At Regional and State-level tournaments for high school NHBB competitions, the Open Division will function just like any the Varsity and JV divisions. That is to say,  [ Read More ]

The second year of The United States Geography OIympiad is underway! On Sunday, October 13 at Westview High School in San Diego, we started our new year of competitions around the country. 5 Varsity and 3 JV students took the C set version of the National Qualifying Exam. The top  [ Read More ]

The United States Geography Olympiad is instituting new late payment policies for its competition sites for the 2013-14 season. These can be found on the Regional and State tournament registration page or by clicking here. The gist of things is that all payments for the National Qualifying Exam at sites  [ Read More ]

If you’re interested in seeing what Team USA’s first ever trip to the International Geography Olympiad was like, see the USGO Facebook page for a photo album of our trip to Japan in Summer 2013. Be sure to Like Us on Facebook (you can access our page through the icon  [ Read More ]